The top seven window cleaning tips for fast cleaning

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Window cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Any businessman or homeowners are required to take expert assistance for cleaning the dirty and the stinking windows at the heights of the buildings. There are also home items which help in cleaning of windows like vinegar or wiping the glass of the window with the help of towels, wipers, mop, etc. But the fact is that the windows are at the height of the building. Cleaning by the owner themselves can cause harm to the body. That’s why experts are needed for cleaning windows. Here are the tips for fast window cleaning.

When there is less sunlight

The windows should be washed when there is no direct sunlight is falling on them. It will make them dry early.

To clean the edges

To clean with edges of the glass, you can use towels. It will help the water to dry quickly from edges.

Wipers to be used

To clean with windows more efficiently, one should use wipers of standard quality. Good quality material will clean the windows with more efficiency.

From top to down cleaning

The windows should be cleaned from top to bottom. This angle of cleaning the windows will make the water do not run off at the top of the windows. It will result in better and fast cleaning; you can also check it on site.

Detergent to be used

For cleaning the windows, you can use a detergent of cheap rates and which work properly under every condition.

Dish soap can be used

In cleaning the windows, you can use at least two or three ounces of the dish soap in a bucket full of water.

Rag to be used

You can use a brush or rag to saturate the window with the solution used to clean the windows.

These are the seven most used tips to clean windows with efficiency and effectiveness.