Why should you not choose kindle unlimited?

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The entertainment industry has revolutionized with the advent of modern technology. There are various entertainment subscriptions available to enjoy on your devices. E-books and online reading material have a huge demand that’s why platforms such as kindle and audible are so successful. Both subscriptions have their pros and cons and are prevalent in different parts of the world. They both are owned by the same company; Amazon. Kindle Unlimited gives various fantastic offers to the users, but there are some factors that hinder the kindle from becoming the first choice of users. These are the disadvantages that keep kindle behind in the race of audible vs. kindle unlimited. You must consider theses points when buying a subscription for kindle.

Disadvantages of using the kindle unlimited

Poor collection of the books

Kindle Unlimited has more than a million books available which make the collection huge but also of low quality. All the books are not the best sellers or popular. You may find some boring and poor content on the platform. Most of the premium authors don’t have their book available on kindle. Most of the books on kindle are self-published, which means most of the content on kindle is not available anywhere else.


The subscription fee of the kindle is quite low, but the amount of books available to read under the subscription makes it quite expensive deal. Most of the books available on it are self-published, and their cost hovers around $1 to $5. It means you have to read two to three books every month to keep the balance in the costs. You can choose the expensive titles then one or two books will balance the fee, but still it is a lot of reading.

To conclude, kindle is undoubtedly a great platform to read the content but still have some drawback that makes it a bad deal to purchase a kindle subscription. Find out more.