How can false representation of a sample in urine drug testing be checked?

Are you receiving false reports of drug testing? Many ways have been identified for misleading the reports. The drug addicts are using synthetic urine or adulteration practices at the time of urine drug testing. Drug addiction is becoming a severe problem for employers and parents. The companies are suffering from low productivity and poor performance of the employees. The accidents or thefts are increasing at an alarming rate.

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With reference to the context, many ways have been introduced for catching the false presentation. Drug addiction is using the urine of other animals as a sample. The false presentation did because of a lack of expertise with the examiners. With the introduction of advanced technology, and adulteration or substitution can be easily checked in the laboratories. A nurse of the same-gender is also sent with a patient for the collection of the correct sample. Under their supervision, the collection of urine for testing purposes is done. 

 Chemical characteristics of urine

After any adulteration, there will be a change in the color of the sample. The chemical characteristics of the urine will be changed. The changed odor will help the expert to know about the adulteration. Clean drinking water does not produce any smell in urine. The contamination with alcohol or vinegar can be distinguished with the scent of the urine. There will be a change in the physicochemical characteristics of the original urine. With advanced technology, the process can be completed efficiently. The person will not be able to present false reports.

 Checking through chemical reactions

Adulteration in the urine can be tested through a chemical reaction. Experts are using several reactions to identify the presence of substitution. There will be a change in the color of the urine after the reaction takes place. The color will be changed either in pink or brown. It depends upon the substance that has been used for adulteration.

Test strips for identifying adulteration

Along with the reactions and characteristics, strips are used for checking contamination. If there is any compound mixed, then the test strips will detect them. For checking, the person has to put a few drops on the test strips. It will provide ease to the experts in identifying the addiction of drugs. With the help of advanced technologies, the person will not pass the test. That’s why employers prefer urine drug testing for the employees.


Through the stated points, the experts will help in identifying the addiction to the drugs. The employers are forced to adopt the measures because of several drug addicts in the company. They can cause damage to the assets and loss of the company. At schools, the students are involved in practices of drug-taking too. Drugs are helpful in many diseases curement like chronic pain or depression. There are side-effects like damage to the lives or death of the addict. So, the practices of urine drug testing should be encouraged. The procedure is simple, secure, and providing quicker results to the employees for their better future.

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