Gzip Compression In WordPress – How It Can Be Possible?

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File compressions is the only method by which the interested ones are able to get lots of benefits. Mainly it helps the users in saving lots of space on the device. Sometimes, the individuals are trying to apply similar kind of methods to the website. Here, they want to make some changes in the website functions and improvise it perfectly.

Now the question appears what kind of sources available for such a task. You can use gzip compression in WordPress for availing related benefits. It helps in adjusting the size of pages with 70%. Another important thing is the page speed. Improvising the speed of page and accessing the data the quickly is one of the biggest benefit here.

Sources to enable it

With all these things, everyone wants to get complete details about the sources by which they can easily enable the compression method. For such a task, the interested ones have two major options. Generally, these options are –

Modify the .htaccess file

In the website there are different types of files available. When it comes to compress the data then the interested ones can work by modifying the .htaccess files. For accessing this particular method, the interested ones are required to take help from the SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). It helps the individuals in availing some key advantages. Here, the connection with hosting service provider is required and you need to make some changes in the root files.

Install plugin

Above mentioned method is a little bit technical. For accessing it, the interested ones need to take help from the specific knowledge. In case you want to use the easy to follow method then you should try to install plugin for gzip compression in WordPress. The related plugin is available in the WordPress and you can easily access the services.

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