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ModemFriendly.com is a site on which the details are mentioned about the routers. The router is a kind of device which works on the data packets between one to another network. Routers will work best for the internet, which makes the individual get the internet. Lots of people are finding a guide on the routers, but they are not getting the right platform to find out about that. If you are also one of them then dnt worry because ModemFriendly.com’s Networking Guide is the one guideline on which the router’s guide will be explained in a very better manner which will definitely make a person get to know about that.

How do routers work?

The routers have 2 NICs, which helps to create a connection between different networks. The NICs have a different IP address, and these addresses will help in showing up the 2 networks subnet. A subnet is a way which helps in connecting the devices. This will help in transferring the data packets to different networks. If anyone is looking to connect all of them, then don’t worry because only 1 router can work for it itself. But if there are 3 networks which need to be connected then it requires 2 routers, so buying the router is all depend on networks one has to join.

Types of routers:-

There are different types of routers and which are:-

Wired Routers: If the person wants to use the router in their home or in their office as well, then the wired routers are good to use. The modem helps to give them signals which make network to reach to different PCs.

Wireless Routers: These also work the same as, like the wired ones; the only difference between them is that these works without wire. By using the credentials, one can bring the usage of it easily.

For more details, another kind of information is also available so go through it to bring the best.

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