Swing for the Fences in Skyhawks T-Ball League

By Schaumburg Park District

Skyhawks T-Ball is designed for young athletes to discover the excitement of competition while learning the basics of baseball. Little Slugger T-Ball

The first week of the program will consist of two training sessions to introduce the participants to the program. During this time, the coaching staff will be evaluating participants so teams may be created equally. The participants will be separated into teams for the first team practice and given a Skyhawks T-shirt to use as their uniforms. Participants are encouraged to decorate the shirts with their name, team and favorite number.

3-4 year old league runs from 5:15-6:15 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 6 to July 10.
5-6 year old league runs from 6:30-7:30 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 6 to July 10.

For more information, call (847) 891-1266 or visit www.parkfun.com.

Learn Gymnastics with the Schaumburg Park District

By Schaumburg Park District

The gymnastics center at the Sport Center is home to instructional classes and camps for b oys and girls ages 2 to 16. It is also home to a competitive team program and has instructors available for private lessons.IMG_9998

Class offerings include:

  • Parent/Tot – Designed for parents with their 2-3-year-old child. Parents are required to participate in every class.
  • Tot – Children are taught age appropriate gymnastics movements and concepts. Children must be potty-trained.
  • Jr. Gymnastics – Children are taught basic gymnastics skills and gym safety rules.
  • Girls/Boys Beginner – Beginners learn basic gymnastics skills while moving around the gym in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • Girls/Boys Intermediate – Designed for the gymnast who has mastered basic skills at each event and is ready to learn more difficult skills while working on connecting sequences.
  • Girls/Boys Advanced – Continues training for those who do not want to join a team or work on routines.
  • Tumble/Cheer – Incorporates balance work, jumps and heavy concentration on tumbling.
  • Hot Tots = Designed for the child who shows an exceptional level of intensity and has mastered basic skills at an early age.

For more information, call (847) 891-1266 or visit www.parkfun.com.

Play at Olympic Park this Spring

By Schaumburg Park District

Looking for a place to play this spring?DSCF3088

Olympic Park has eight artificial turf soccer fields, two natural-grass soccer fields, five softball fields, 14,000-square foot skate plaza and two basketball courts. Opened in 1995, the park has hosted thousands of soccer and softball games.

Additionally, there is a playground, garden plots and a walking path. The fields are available for rent night or day, rain or shine!

For more information or to book your reservation, call (847) 891-1266 or visit www.parkfun.com.

Sign up for Summer Camps with the Schaumburg Park District

By Schaumburg Park District

Stay healthy and active this summer in our summer camps.IMG_1926

There are many options to stay healthy this summer including baseball, basketball, flag football, soccer, dodgeball, lacrosse and volleyball camps.

Many of these camps are several weeks and build your skills as well as provide you a healthier more active lifestyle. Join your friends or make new ones at these exciting camps this summer.

For more information on camps visit www.parkfun.com.

Meet New Friends at Home School Gym & Turf

By Schaumburg Park District

Stay active, have fun and meet new friends during an open gym designed for home school children.IMG_5202

Gym and field sports equipment will be available to create your own fun, shoot baskets, play catch, soccer and volleyball.

This is not instructor-led, it is a parent-supervised program. Registration or daily fee and gym shoes are required.

Sport Center Family Fun Night

By Schaumburg Park District

In honor of Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play, the Schaumburg Park District offers an event for kids and their families!

The Sport Center offers an opportunity for families to participate in sports, games and activities including basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, preschool tot lot, soccer, T-ball, softball and a gymnastic obstacle course.

The first 200 residents to register receive a gift at the door!

Plan An Active Summer For Your Child

By Hoffman Estates Park District


How many hours a day does your child spend with “screens”? The Centers for Disease Control recommends that children get 60 minutes of activity daily to maintain a healthy weight. “Screen time” often gets in the way of that important activity time. This summer, make sure your child gets in her 60 minutes of activity. Plan now for an active summer for your child.

Now’s the time to register your child for programs and summer camps that will keep him or her physically active all summer long.

Summer Camps – The majority of our summer camps include outside activities and trips to Seascape Family Aquatic Center. Scheduling is very flexible; there are full day and half day camps available with bus service, late stay and early arrival. Plus, you can register by week, or for the whole summer. We offer every activity from team sports to figure skating, and for all ages from preschoolers to teens.

Seascape Family Aquatic Center – The pool opens May 25 with new hours that allow for more days of fun. A family season pass allows your family to stop by for a quick swim on a hot evening. It’s a fun way for your whole family to get some extra activity in for the day.

Playgrounds – Our playgrounds are on a rotating schedule for renovations. This spring, we’re renovating playgrounds
at High Point Park, Lincoln Park and Brittany Park. We have 69 parks in Hoffman Estates that have a wide variety of fun things to do, from bike paths to bocce ball courts. We have so many that you could visit a different one every day!

Summer Sports – Kids in team sports learn discipline, teamwork and build confidence, in addition to getting regular exercise. Now is the time to register for baseball, softball, tee ball, gymnastics, Lacrosse, martial arts, tennis and soccer.

Swimming Lessons – Swimming lessons reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 80%. We offer lessons all year round.

Visit heparks.org to browse your options!

Learn to Play Tennis with Schaumburg Tennis Plus

By Schaumburg Park District

Aces 1 is a program designed for the true beginner.IMG_5561

Motor skills and hand-eye-coordination are the primary focus. Beginning stroke mechanics will be introduced on the forehand, backhand and serve. Age appropriate equipment will be used. All 6-year-olds must have completed one session of Tiny Tennis.

Classes are taught ona 36′ court.

Tee it up with Skyhawks Golf

By Schaumburg Park District

Golf is a challenging and lifelong sport so young athletes need proper focus on the fundamentals of form, swinging, putting and body positioning.IMG_5355

Skyhawks has adopted the SNAG (Starting New At Golf) system to its curriculum. SNAG utilizes a set of equipment designed for beginning golfers including oversized plastic club heads and ‘mini tennis balls’ to help build confidence and have fun.

Developed by PGA professionals, SNAG is specifically designed for the entry-level player. All equipment is provided. All participants receive a T-shirt and a merit award.

Class for 5-7 year olds is set for 5-6 p.m., every Thursday, April 10-May 8.

Class for 8-10 year olds is set for 6:15-7:15 p.m., every Thursday, April 10-May 8.

For more information, call (847) 891-1266 or visit www.parkfun.com.

A Tough Subject: Talking to Your Kids About Weight

By Hoffman Estates Park District

In today’s culture, weight is an extraordinarily sensitive subject, especially for children and teens. Deciding how to approach weight issues with young people deserves careful attention; how you handle the topic can have serious and lifelong implications. Here are some tips for discussing weight with kids, and what to do if a child brings up the topic on his or her own:

Image1. Don’t Talk, Do Something
In general, if your child is elementary age or younger and you’re concerned about his or her weight, don’t talk about it; just start making lifestyle changes as a family. The best thing you can do is make it easy for kids to eat smart and move often. Serve regular, balanced family meals and snacks. Turn off televisions, video games and computers. Look for ways to spend fun, active time together.

2. Don’t Play the Blame Game
Never yell, scream, bribe, threaten or punish children about weight, food or physical activity. If you turn these issues into parent-child battlegrounds, the results can be disastrous. Shame, blame and anger are setups for failure. The worse children feel about their weight, the more likely they are to overeat or develop an eating disorder.

3. A United Front
As with any other important issue, make sure both parents and other important relatives are on the same page. Mixed messages about weight can have unhealthy consequences.

4. Talk with Your Health-Care Provider
If a health professional mentions a concern about your child’s weight, speak with him or her privately. Discuss specific concerns about your child’s growth pattern. Ask for ideas on making positive changes in your family eating habits and activity levels.

5. Seek Advice
For kids and teens, check out local programs and professionals who specialize in youth. Look for a registered dietitian with a specialty in pediatric weight management. Many hospitals and clinics have comprehensive programs with education and activities for both kids and adult family members. Some of these options may be covered by your health insurance plan.

6. Focus On the Big Picture
The key is health, not weight. If your family starts eating better and moving more, your children may “grow into” their weight as their height increases. Compliment your children on lifestyle behaviors (“Great snack choice,” or “You really run fast”) rather than on the loss of a pound or two.

What to Do if Your Child Says, “I’m So Fat”
Learn where the fat thoughts came from. Did a friend or classmate tease your child about weight? Did another relative mention the size of his or her belly or thighs? Was there something on television or online about overweight kids? If another child or an adult is bullying your child, confront the situation directly and as soon as possible. If your child’s weight, eating and activity are normal for his or her age, reassure your child and don’t focus on weight.

Reprinted with permission from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. eatright.org